Moshtari Hilal, Simin Jalilian, Barbara Lüdde, Maja Wietfeldt

On my mind

Barbara Lüdde, (10 s) On Mars, 2023, Tusche auf Papier, 41 x 31 cm Courtesy: Feinkunst Krüger

30. Mai—07. Juli 2024


I go in and out of consciousness. Capturing moments of clarity amidst the haze of thought, amidst the haze of lost memories. So much on my mind.

Echoes of life. Echoes of death. In this boundless expanse of thought, I discover pieces of who I am, fragments of my existence. I discover pieces of others, of who they are, of who we are together.

In this shared space of consciousness, the lines between individual and collective blur. Each thought, each memory, is a thread that connects me to the lives and experiences of those around me. We are a tapestry of interconnected stories, our souls woven together by the common threads of love, loss, joy, and sorrow. The burdens we carry are lightened by shared understanding, and our joys are amplified in the company of kindred spirits. 

As narratives unfold, the tapestry of my thoughts weaves itself into intricate patterns, each thread a story, a moment, a piece of the puzzle that is my consciousness. In the quiet spaces between waking and dreaming, these narratives come to life, vivid and ephemeral, shaping the contours of my inner world. In these unfolding stories, I traverse landscapes both familiar and strange.

And as I continue to navigate the ebb and flow of consciousness, I embrace the stories that unfold within me, knowing that they are the essence of who I am, the threads that weave the fabric of my being. (Text: Theresa Weise)


Opening: May 30, 2024, 6 - 9 pm

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Barbara Lüdde, (10 s) On Mars, 2023, Tusche auf Papier, 41 x 31 cm Courtesy: Feinkunst Krüger

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